Well, here goes… It truly has been a long time coming, but I’ve felt the need to start writing down all of my daily thoughts and musings for quite some time now. Either way, we’re here now and I’m extremely excited about finally announcing the opening of my website. Welcome everyone!

The main aims that I would like to achieve here is to share the beautiful pieces of artwork that I come across, document my daily (Okay, more than likely weekly!) sporting activities and any other interesting things going on in the world. I’ll also be sharing any upcoming events that I will be attending and so anybody living close to me could come and say hello!

Over the past few years I received encouragement from many of my friends and family to write articles about what I’m interested in, so here I am.

I’d like to start by introducing everybody to my new bike. I’ve always been excited about getting a new bike, however this one is truly special. Truth is, I’ve been looking to find that special bike for me before going ahead and purchasing it – it took me quite a long time to get anywhere with it, however after much deliberation I discovered one that I thought fit the part perfectly.

The Dahon Speed P8 is a gorgeous folding bike (Yes, you heard me correctly – folding bike) that I will be using from now on for all of my daily commutes. I have decided to avoid purchasing any additional components for it as it rides like a beauty as is. I’m intending on taking it out of the city for a few rides and will be publishing my route and times too.

About the bike anyway, while it certainly isn’t the prettiest bike around, nor the coolest or lightest, Dahon have done a fantastic job in producing a really well built piece of kit. I tested it out in a local bike store called Evans Cycles and was extremely impressed right from the go. Dahon is an American brand so it’s quite difficult to find them over here, but if you can get your hands on one I’d highly recommend it.

Everybody in the store were all pretty big fans of folding bikes, however some of them raised concerns about them being awful off-road (Obviously, right?). I’m clearly not intending on using it off-road, but I can’t imagine it will struggle too much anywhere else really – these bikes definitely have many of the advantages of a typical road bike, but they’re so portable too! If you’re looking for a portable model, I’d certainly recommend checking out Dahon or the more expensive British models.

There it is anyway, my first post – thank you for reading, I will be posting again shortly when I finally get around to testing this beauty out – Unfortunately I’m going to be off up to Scotland in the next few days so won’t be able to right away, but I will get back to you all as soon as possible. Thanks for reading everybody!

With Love,

Paul x

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