United Kingdom & Canada Metal


Another place where it is great to sell scrap metal across the world is the United Kingdom and Canada, both of these developed countries have a significant amount of scrap yards where it is possible to sell scrap metal at good prices. I managed to find two really good resources on these, you can view these using the links below:



Essentially they are resources where you can review the price of scrap metals in both the United Kingdom and Canada. Not only for the countries as a whole, but also for any of the cities within each of the countries. This is great because, as we all know, scrap metal prices do tend to fluctuate massively on a local level – some cities will have incredibly high prices and others will be very low. It’s crucial to ensure that you are aware of this before taking your metal to any local recycling centres as you will end up wasting a lot of you time doing this. You will find guidelines on both of these websites for selling your metal locally in the UK and Canada and so you should have a streamlined experience when it comes to trying to make some money.

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