Hello everyone,

Another quick one from me – I came across an awesome blog about folding bikes earlier on this evening and had to post it here to show all of you…

Love the Fold

The guys over at lovethefold have been writing about folding bicycles since way back in 2007 and after spending my evening reading about some of their ventures it has thoroughly inspired me to get myself writing more about what I’ve been up to on the bike. Every post is full of pictures and stories that really do excite me and make me want to get out there myself. They’re going against the grain in the thinking that folding bikes are commuter bikes and little else – something that I once thought myself.

Here’s some of the gorgeous pictures they have from their small folding bike community:

Personally I’m hoping that once I finish my PhD I can get out into the country and start my own little documentation of my travels – unfortunately for the time being I’m relatively hampered by living in the city. For those of you who know me more intimately, you’ll know that I’m extremely excited about travelling the world in the near future and that I plan on taking my new bike with me.

Thanks again for reading folks – Paul x

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