I just wanted to make a quick additional post today of a cool video (and website) that I found earlier on today – AbstractArtLesson.

Peter from the site regularly produces exceptional painting tutorials showing how to produce various styles of acrylic based abstract painting ideas on canvas and paper. He uses a fairly similar style to me and so it may be of use to some of you, this video provides a particularly adept tutorial onto how best to tackle free style painting concepts.

I couldn’t help but be amazed at the wide variety of different elements that formed this piece, it is somewhat similar to a few pieces that Roberto Matta has produced in the past – I’m sure Peter wouldn’t be offended by that statement whatsoever! I can see why Peter described this piece as being a snapshot within his mind, such a creative piece and certainly one that I am jealous of.

For any of you reading this, put down what you are doing now and get out there and give it a go. After seeing this video myself I decided to take a somewhat rare opportunity and begun painting today, this beautiful piece provided me with ample inspiration and I immediately put brush to canvas and off I went! While I only actually sat down for a couple of hours, the piece is fairly impressive and I’m absolutely thrilled with it.

If you do decide to have a go yourself, make sure that you send me a photo, or even better, a video of it in the comments. It would be nice to see the inspiration that my blog has on my readers – hopefully enough to get you painting at least!

One little update on where I am on the bike front, I’m currently sticking together a list of where I considered purchasing my bike from locally and also what models I decided to look at. I’ve had a few messages from friends who have been interested in a folding bike since I made my last few posts – I will update you all very shortly on what I think.

Many thanks again for reading – up to 30 page views/day on the blog, I’m very happy with that but if you could, please share this link to all of your friends and family… I would love to get a few more hits a day! As always, I will be posting again very soon, make sure you bookmark this page or add yourself to my Facebook group for all of my future updates – cheers!

With Love,

Paul x

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