I’m writing today to say my final goodbyes to Strava, while it has been extremely fun to use over the years, my new purchase of a folding bike means that I will not be able to compete on it any more – for obvious reasons! Obviously I did enjoy my time using the app over the years, it was perfectly suited to my natural competitive self (even when only competing versus myself)! Throughout my years of using the platform I was regularly placed within the top 4-5 positions around all of my local routes and in a few I was actually top of the stack…

My issue with Strava is actually entirely unrelated to the typical functioning of the app, nor the fact that I now own a Dahon folding bike (as seen here), but actually because when I found myself riding my bike I would always be thinking about how I was performing on Strava. I’d completely lost the magic of being able to just get on my bike and go for a ride somewhere, I would always find myself resorting back to competing and trying to beat my time, or the bugger who’d pipped me earlier in the week.

So here I am, finally at a stage where I can say that my Strava days are behind me, it saddens me to be leaving a truly warming community of riders behind. However I genuinely feel that it was for the best to do so, after all, nothing beats just getting out there on your bicycle and taking in the beautiful scenery – rather than pedantically pedalling around to set a time.

Anyway, this must sound like somewhat of a ramble – and so it should. This was a particularly spontaneous decision that I made earlier on today, I didn’t really consider it for too long – but it is something that I have been thinking about fairly recently. What I will say is that it’s great to be able to wake up every morning and rather than check the latest times that people have been posting, I’d have a look at the weather forecast and truly consider whether it was worth getting the bike out or not… And ultimately, whether or not I felt like it too!

Regarding the performance of my new folding bicycle, it handles perfectly and was exactly as described on the proverbial tin. I couldn’t have asked for a better bike, it suits my daily route perfects – to and from the University. I’ll be honest and say that it could certainly be a bit quicker, but all in all it is a pretty awesome piece of kit and I won’t be replacing it any time soon. I figured that if I do want to go off-road or for a more distant cycle, I can simply purchase a road/mountain bike on top of this. In all honesty, nothing is going to be able to match the comfort of knowing that your bike is safe and easily transportable.

I’ve found myself riding much more regularly since getting the bike, I can’t say that I’ve gone on a ‘joy ride’ as of yet and so I can’t comment on whether or not I feel that folding bikes are appropriate for it. However, it can certainly do the job and I’ve had no difficulties with it so far.

Thank you all for reading again – I’ll be back very shortly!

With Love,

Paul x

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