A famous quote that I once read really did outline everything that I’ve always felt about the most impressive pieces of art and artistic passion – it illustrates something that I try to incorporate into any of my more recent pieces;

There is one moment, in the first few seconds, when you look at a piece of art and know that you love it. It’s the moment when, if you’re an artist yourself, you look at it and feel a rush of uplifting inspiration… and total soul-crushing jealousy all at the same time. It’s when you walk away thinking, “Damn, I wish I thought of that.�? ~ The Jealous Curator, est. 2009

This ideology is something that I will be explaining in detail throughout my blog in the future – I’m going to be making sure to showcase pieces of art that I find truly impressive, so much so that it makes me truly jealous. I believe that we spend our time in awe, and to an certain extent jealousy, when looking at pieces of incredible art – it will soon lead to inspiration and therefore your own masterpieces.

I also believe that another huge key to producing these pieces is ultimately finding what you are truly interested in. For me, I’m absolutely fascinated by contemporary art, however I’m also really into the self doubt part of art and the inner battles an artist goes through when faced with a creative block… Ultimately, I think that the most impressive pieces come about as a result of the ongoing battle between jealousy and inspiration.

As I continue to grow my blog, I want to bring the artwork in the forefront of my mind to the masses. I’d love to be able to inspire artists, young and old across the world. One day, when I am done with my studies, I would love to pursue my dreams of opening up an art shop – however I realise I am quite a way away from the realisation of that dream just yet.

However, I am a big advocate of the idea that “Everything must start somewhere…” and I hope that in the coming years my blog becomes somewhere that people can come to derive inspiration for their own pieces of work and hopefully submit it here for others to see too!

Anyway, below is the first pieces that captured my imagination recently:

This beautiful piece is aptly called Eden’s Promise and I am absolutely in awe of this gorgeous high contrast piece of art. It is covered in striking deep and sharp dividing lines – leading to a gorgeous piece of organic abstraction. The varied colours of all of the petals makes them stand out beautifully amongst the background of this piece. I can only imagine how these beautiful pieces of pastel on paper would brighten up a dim room. The imagination for these pieces came from thinking about our planet, The Earth, and its true beauty and fragility.

This is my first art-centric post on the blog, I will be posting updates on further pieces very shortly and of course updates on the folding bike front (I’ve just registered up to, check out my latest post on there for some extra updates!) – please leave any comments or recommendations on anything else that you would like to see here below.

With Love,

Paul x

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